Would You Buy a Soul for $2000?

I was going to blog about something totally different today.  In fact, I have my thoughts scribbled out and ready to be organized into something legible.

Then I got side-tracked by a link sent to me by my friend in Arizona, an interesting and timely story of a woman in New Mexico who listed her soul for sale on eBay.  Click here to see one of the stories circulating he internet.

Want to see who would actually do this and why?

According to one story, eBay has a strict policy about selling human body parts and remains on their site, but they may need to redefine their policy to include souls.  One newscaster actually brought up the point of the logistics of this auction – How is it to be delivered?   How do you know if what you bought has been delivered?

If one were to actually purchase a soul, I would imagine there would be either total elation or total conflicting vibrations that would swirl around inside  our body, leading us to know if it had been “delivered.”  Typically, as like attracts like, an outside entity is attracted to a host body that has the same vibration that it has, such as a happy person, a sad person, an adrenaline junkie – which in turn would heighten whatever is our prominent vibration.  On the flip side, I could see a soul latching onto a host for the sole purpose of draining the host’s energy, while the host soul fights the intruder for control.  That would be where the Jekyll and Hyde thing would play out.

In the case of this New Mexico woman, though, it’s neither of these.  As proof of delivery, the woman offers of a piece of paper – a $2000 piece of paper.  A bill of sale of sorts.  Huh.  Kind of a let-down if you ask me.

But, for Seth Thompson, the high school student who bought a soul on eSouled.com (a site still under contruction – but check it out just for kicks), what he received was quite different than a piece of paper and was a hell of a lot cheaper.  Here is an excerpt from Souled:

My palm began throbbing—not like thorns or needle pricks—more like claws had sunken in and raked down the skin. But my palm was the least of my worries. Because, though I didn’t want to believe it, I felt it. Something was inside me. Something… other. Very other.

A second pulse inside me beat steady, strong, and disturbingly close to mine.

And then the truth hit me. Hard. I knew.

The soul had been delivered.

So, yeah, there’s a lot of crazy stuff out there for sale as people try and unload and make a quick buck.  What about you?  What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen for sale?  Were you  tempted to buy it?

Speaking of crazy things for sale, check out Natalie Hartford’s blog where she posts the best of the craziest and unusual items on the internet.


About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. I say I wanna buy a soul only if I don’t get to go to work the next day. Do you think I can get that for $2,000?

    Oh and I gave you an award!


    • I’ll call in sick for you, J. Hell, I’ll tell them I’m your doctor and you need a few months off. And I’ll do that free of charge! Thanks for the award, girl! I’m honored. 🙂

  2. I would much rather have your great book than a used soul. I’m sure it would be better than mine– but how much better?

    Great post,Diana and great segue. P.S. I do have your newest book!

  3. Dannie, you know my answer to your question. Your soul is pure and unwavering. I’m so glad to have you in my corner.

  4. Thanks for the uber shout out darlin’!! Luv it!! 🙂
    Ohhh my heart just broke for this woman. She’s obviously unhappy and has gone through a tremendous amount. Sniff…if I had the cash, I’d buy it just to try and make another person happy….poor woman!! Here’s hoping that she finds what she’s looking for…
    Craziest thing I’ve ever sold…nothing really. But the other day hubby forwarded me an add from the free section of kijiji. A woman had posted her gently used undies for free. She said that she was a clean person and hated to see anything go to waste. She was giving them away for free because “selling them would just be weird…” The whole thing seemed odd to me…LOL!! But I commend her for not wanting to “waste” stuff. LOL!!

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