Letting Go… Again

There are so many ways to say it and it all boils down to choice.

Us or Them.  Ultimate Joy or Ultimate Misery.  Yin or Yang.

I’ve recently had to let things go in a few areas of my life, because the energy coming in didn’t come close to what was going out.  I had sped through Burnout City and crashed into the Major Deficit Dump.  And that was just physically.  Mentally I’d gone into autopilot mode, not fully experiencing anything on any level.

Last summer, I’d first written about taking it all on, making myself miserable in the process, and how it affected me.  I’m very skilled at filling up my minutes with activities or people or obligations, but not so skilled at releasing them once it no longer serves me or weighs me down.

And making the decision to walk away hurt.  A lot.  There were things that had been a part of me for months that had become embedded under my skin.  I hadn’t even recognized it as being separate from me.

But as much as it hurt to close the door on some relationships, to permanently or temporarily cross events off my social calendars, and to readjust my goals, the result for me was absolute relief.  I’m not up there in the frenzy of the mosh pit anymore, and because of that, my priorities have taken on new life.

As certain as I am that this was the best choice for me, I’m equally certain I’ll find myself back in the same predicament in a few months from now.  Letting go of the old stuff allows the new to flow back in, which will more than likely create backlog.  Then the shedding process will start all over again.  That’s just one of the laws of nature – the law of my nature.

How about you?  Do you find yourself taking on more than you should?  At what point do you draw the line?  Is there a line at all?


About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. I am happy for you that you are given this wisdom. i am happy for us that you share it with us.

  2. As much as it may bother us, it is good to accept hour humanity and understand that we have certain physical and mental limitations, that trying to be everything to everyone can drain you of every ounce of YOU. And yep, that line has to be drawn, then redrawn when you reach your fill again.

    It’s the continuous act of balancing the things in our lives. At some point, the scale tips one way to heavy and things must be released. You are right, it is the law of nature.

  3. Guilty here for taking on too much, all the time. I get overwhelmed and scramble to keep up. As someone who thrives under pressure (most of the time) I justify taking on more because I feel I’m up to the challenge. And then, I crash, eventually. Thanks for the reminder that it’s smart to evaluate, prioritized and cull through the obligations. Many hugs!! 🙂

  4. I tend to tune out, now. Family is first and then the other stuff. You’ve learned a life lesson and shared it. Thank you, Diana. It is amazing how quickly we recover from leaving junk behind– it’s soon just a faded memory.

    • You’re absolutely right, Dannie. And surprisingly enough, I realize had I thought through it in the first place, I could have done without a lot of it. Thanks for hanging in there with me the way that you do 🙂

  5. It’s just healthy to withdraw from the craziness of the social media etc. from time to time. I do it periodically. You know how to concentrate on what’s the most important at hand, and I admire you for that. As for some many other things, sis. Big hugs. You know where to find me, if you ever need anything.

    • Thanks, Angela. Stepping make is like getting off the freeway and watching everyone speed away. Definitely a mindset change. But it’s all good. Thanks for being there for me. xxoo

  6. Hey, D. *hugs* I think the line you’re talking about is refered to as the stroke or heart event. *laughs* For me, I definitely was doing way too much – and much was really amounting to a whole bunch of nothing. My wife and I recently had a fight, and the end result was me realizing that I needed to back off and do a much better job of being husband and dad. You can always get hold of me, my dear friend, but if I seem to disappear, it’s because I’m slaving at the day job, working on the next novel or enjoying dinner or a movie with my wife. And the endless social networking and promotion…not so much.
    I hope things are better for you, and that it is a long time before you begin to take on too much again.


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