Slenderman Sighting in North Idaho?

This weekend past was a busy and incredibly productive one.  Not only did I have the chance to hang out with my cousin and her husband, but they helped me do a total and complete makeover of the cover to my Young Adult Paranormal novel, Souled, which will be revealed on Friday.  It’s totally unique in the fact that I was able to use local teens for the photo shoot.  They stepped up and did such an incredible job!  I can’t wait to show you all!  So stay tuned for Friday’s post when I give you the low down on the new cover.

This post is going to deviate a little from my norm as I fulfill a promise I made to my #slenderman Twitter peeps for pictures.

This weekend, I took my cousin and her husband to a house I own in North Idaho (which I no longer live in) to show them around.  It’s the home I referred to in a previous post.  The home sits on a beautiful and heavily-wooded 5 acres with lots of places to roam and hide.  There are places that are really magical alongside of  some creepy pockets of slash created by previous loggers.  We walked around the property and got some really interesting pictures.  With all of the interest in Slenderman, and my son’s insistence that I don’t even think about it (which of course I did after that), I’m wondering.  Did I draw him to me?  And where the heck does he really live?

You’ll have to click on the pictures to see what I’m talking about…

My cousin’s husband and I checking out the neglected garden. Look closely on the right of the photo…

I was showing them the faery glen but – fortunately I was looking the other way – we had a close encounter of another kind…

So what do you think?  More than one Slenderman?  Fact?  Fiction? Our overactive imagination?  You tell me.  Should we start a new hashtag of #slenderheads?

Come back Friday to check out the new cover for Souled.  It’s got a whole new feel to it.  I think you’ll agree.

About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. If you say he’s real– I believe!

  2. Property looks lovely, no matter who/what shows up. 😉 Can’t wait to see new cover of Souled! Exciting.

  3. Honestly, I always thought Slenderman was just silly story that a bunch of kids made up. But now, after looking at these eery images…I BELIEVE! Can’t wait for Friday’s unveiling of Souled!

  4. CREEEEPY!!!!! I believe…

    Can’t WAIT to see the new book cover release on Friday…squeeeeee

  5. Nice to finally meet you, Slenderman!
    Looking forward to the big reveal, sis 🙂

  6. That is freaky! Glad to finally know who Slenderman is. My son was just as adamant about believing in the unbelievable at that age, too. You’re right–just let them be, they’ll figure it out. Your pics are cool but, obviously your property is haunted by Slenderman!

    Looking forward to the release of your new cover!!

  7. Huh, I never thought he’d be so photogenic.

  8. This is funny considering these pictures look clearly photoshop’ed or edited in some way. I mean I honestly love the Slenderman and the urban legend entirely, but if your going to “prove” his existence, at least have believable photographs. And honestly all of you people who commented are idiots for believing that these pics were legitimate. Seriously though to the poster, the next time you wanna prove a paranormal phenomena, make sure to at least make it believable.

    • Hey Ryan, thanks for stopping by. These posts aren’t meant to prove anything about the Slenderman. It is a phenomenon that has a lot of people in a spin and that’s okay. He’s right up there with vamps and warewolves. All of this is speculative and fun. I think you can safely assume that the people who commented don’t actually believe that these pictures aren’t photoshopped. As you stated, the urban legend is fun to follow and I find the entire conception of the Slenderman intriguing. My own boys are certain he exists, thus, my posts.


    • Hey, Robert. Your passionate response compelled me to reply. The Slenderman is an urban myth, I understand, and in no way was I implying he was real or not. Know, though, that there is a very large community that believes and absolutely swears he is real. My son believed in him for many years. It’s difficult to shake a belief in the Slenderman just as it is difficult to shake a belief that he does not exist. I hope you can embrace the diversity of this planet and give others the room to make their own choices.

  10. That was photoshopped

  11. It is SUCH a good thing that I live in Idaho.


  13. You can tell this has been edited in the slender man looks the same in both

    • Hey Mackenzie, this post was not meant to be anything but entertaining. Not an expert by any means on the subject, but this world is too mysterious for us to say he doesn’t exist. What do you think?

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