Promises, Promises, Promises…

I gave myself a ring – a promise ring of sorts - a permanent reminder to love and honor myself and to never lose sight of me again.

I promise to hold myself up to the light of truth, to acknowledge my worthiness, and to know that I am not somehow flawed,  but a work in progress.

I promise to go easy on myself on days when my reserves are low and to make it okay to say no.

I promise to praise myself as much as I praise others.

I promise to be grateful for all that I have accomplished and know what I have not yet accomplished is on its way.

I promise to see the woman in the mirror and always find something to be grateful for.

I promise to love without restraint if only for the sole reason that I am capable of doing so.

I promise to trust my inner voice, for I truly do know the best decision to make – the one that works for me.

I promise to use my experiences to my advantage, to learn from them, not berate or minimize them.

I promise not to take myself too seriously, to laugh a bit more, to take a few more risks, and to do things because I want to, not because I should.

I promise not to settle for less than I deserve.

I promise to believe that I can and will accomplish what I intend.

I promise to fix my nail polish if it gets chipped.  It might seem trivial, but it’s also the little things that make the big difference in how I feel about myself.

About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. Beautiful and powerful, Diana!
    Those are amazing promises to yourself. WOW

  2. Hi, Diana,
    Your promises are thoughtful and heartfelt, but are the kind women have a hard time keeping. The ring is genius because it’s a physical reminder of your vows–a promise-keeper. Happy New Year!

  3. Powerful! I think we humans mostly need to be reminded. This litany is a wonderful reminder to all of us to love ourselves and cherish who we are. Thank you.

  4. What else can I say? YOU’RE MY HERO!! xoxoxoxoxox

    Powerful post. After my divorce, I read and researched a lot about self-esteem and how to build and rediscover the pure joy of self-love. I read about women who bought themselves a ring to signify their vow to themselves. Some even had ceremonies. Like marrying yourself. A tattoo is the PERFECT symbol of that and I LOVE your vows. Fantastic Diana!!! Fantastic…
    HUGS and here’s to YOU!

  6. In order to truly love others you must love yourself first. Well done, Diana. I promise to always respect you for this.

  7. This is powerful. I especially like how you note that the little things can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. I just read something where they referred to this as “microchoices” and how they can have a large impact on our self-esteem.

  8. Beautiful, Diana. Self love is a process and commitment. There is a saying about getting your house in order. And though some people may try to say it is, self care isn’t selfish.

  9. Beautiful! May you live “happily ever after” with yourself. 🙂

  10. Oh, Diana, beautiful and heartfelt and so empowering. I love it. It’s an amazing thing to honor yourself.

  11. This is inspiring; it reads like a prayer. All of us need this reminder from time to time.
    And, of course, your charming tat rocks! 🙂 It’s a true promise to yourself.

  12. What a wonderful thing to do for yourself, Diana! To recognize the things you need (and don’t need) in your life and to try to achieve them. I think I need to print this out… 🙂

  13. Beautiful affirmation. Did the tat hurt? I heard some stories about hand and feet tats that gave me the shivers.

  14. Shannon Esposito

    Very cool…and brave. I bet people ask you the tattoo all the time. You are probably helping other women, too, be brave enough to honor themselves. Good for you!

  15. Way to go, Diana! Inspiring, beautiful, powerful as so many others have said, but it bears repeating! You are all of those, and you believe it! You rock!

  16. Love the idea behind the tattoo-ring, and the ring itself is beautiful. Cheers to you!!!

  17. You so deserve to be good to yourself in every way you mentioned, every single minute of every single day. Thank you for reminding all of us to do the same. What a lovely gift to your friends, your family and most especially to you.

  18. It seems all that needs to be said has been said by you and your readers. Diana. Your blog is always at the top of my list to read because I know I will see truth, feelings, love and caring. And this one to yourself is right up there with the best! This time I give you a big, HUG.

  19. Wow! I love, love, LOVE this!!! What an inspiration you are sista! This is an amazing way to start off the year!

  20. Sometimes the tiniest thing makes the greatest difference. Nail polish is no more trivial than the colors we coat on our hearts, it’s just easier to see. This is how we take ourselves back, one thought, one word, one deed, at a time. I see you coming.

  21. Diana, your ring is the perfect symbol of commitment to your promises! Awesome post! Very inspiring and a great reminder on when to take and not to take ourselves seriously. We’re a never ending work in progress, but sometimes we need to cut ourselves some slack. Thank you Diana for sharing all of your promises! 🙂

  22. What? I wasn’t going to say anything about tatoos? I swear… Well, I wasn’t!


    I love the part about (all of us) laughing more. You knew I would, right? *high five for promising never to settle*

    Great post, Diana. Really great.


  23. Inspiring and empowering list, my dear sista!
    I’m so glad you are sifting through your life experiences and leaving only what works the best for you.

    And I admire that beautiful tattoo ring. I want one too!

  24. Beautiful. I think these are promises we should all make to ourselves.

  25. Simply gorgeous, Diana. Words to live by for you and the rest of us. Taking what we’ve learned and making it a positive instead of a negative is so empowering. Thanks for this post. It truly touched my soul.

  26. Very powerful, Diana. Keep those promises to yourself. Good luck. ~clink~

  27. I will promise that robin will always come first.and to love and honor her.

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