No, It’s Not Just You…I Feel It, Too.

A week or so ago, my friend Johanna K.P. and I were having a TweetFest along with Richard Goodship.  At the time I didn’t know Richard and, being curious, I looked up Richard’s profile and found his book, The Camera Guy.

This story about a forensic investigator who can see the spirits of the victims at the crime scenes got me thinking about some incidents that I hadn’t thought about for a long time.

Back in 1969, my family and I had moved into a brand spanking new house (so the creepiness factor wasn’t there) in a nice, middle-class neighborhood in Southern California.  I had gone upstairs to get something one night, while everyone was downstairs watching television, and was on my way back down the hall, when I felt someone or something at the top of the stairs.  There was nothing there that I could see, but at the time I couldn’t explain how my stomach compressed into a ball and found its way into my throat.  But I knew there was something there.  Believe me, if I could have screamed, I would have.  The part that really sucked was the fact that I had to pass this thing to get downstairs to the safety of my mom’s lap.  I sure as hell wasn’t going to stay upstairs with it, so I bolted, staying as close to the wall as I could and took the stairs three at a time.  As soon as I was out of direct line of vision, the feeling stopped, just like that.  I tested it a few times, just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and sure enough, when I got in plain view of the top of the stairs, that feeling of almost panic and fear gripped my stomach and throat and squeezed really, really hard.  It went on like that for about two weeks.  I never told anyone about it, only to find out years later that one of my brothers had felt it, too.

Same deal with another part of the house.  One end of our couch had a direct view of a window in my father’s study and for about a week, there was that same feeling of being stared down – and that feeling of fear, almost panic, whenever I sat in that spot on the couch.  That time I told my mother. She said she had felt it as well.  It wasn’t a big deal to her because her side of the family (and me by default) was sensitive to the goings-on of the “other side.”  So, no.  It wasn’t my imagination.

When my oldest son was four years old, we were camping at Coloma, California, where gold was discovered in 1848.

My son, my ex, and I were standing in front of ruins of a jail that stood as part of the historic town.  None of us talked, but only stared at the crumbling walls.  The  name “John” popped into my head and I knew that “John” had died in that cell.  His spirit still lingered there.  I didn’t say anything, but just soaked in that energy, because it was almost like he was pleading to be heard, to reach out to someone.  After about three minutes of silence, we turned and walked away.  My son simply said, “That was weird.”  Only then did my ex admit that he had felt something as well.

In Lake Tahoe, back some 15 years ago, a little girl had been kidnapped and murdered.  Her body was found on the side of the highway leading to Reno, Nevada.  Every time my ex drove past the spot where she was found, he would break out in a sweat and start crying – he had felt her presence, and he felt her tell him the events leading up to and the manner of her death.  It horrified him.  Eventually it faded, but for many months he hated driving that road.  He is a lot more sensitive than I am, and there was no denying he could feel her.

There have been many places I’ve felt a definite presence, a feeling that is really hard to describe.  In Montana, near Anaconda, cowboy country, I’ve felt them– whispers, imprints of those who once lived in that area, spirits that wrapped themselves around me like a breeze.  Nothing sad, nothing happy, it was just…there.  Palpable, but not.

Little Big Horn, site of the battle between Lt. Col. George Custer and the Lakota and Cheyenne tribes, still holds a lot of spirit energy.

If you ever get a chance to visit there, please do.  Geeze…I don’t think the chills stopped raking my spine until we actually drove away.

There are many reasons for a spirit to remain here without “crossing over.”  Some include that they are confused as to what had happened surrounding their death, fear, or guilt. As in the case of the child in Lake Tahoe, many spirits linger at the site of their death and try to make contact with anyone who is sensitive to spirit energy.  They may even believe they have unfinished business here, so they stick around to make sure the living tie up loose ends, at which time the spirit feels it can finally leave.

I know a few people who can pick up this type of energy.  Are you one of them?  I love this stuff and would really like to hear your story…please?


About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. Nancy J Nicholson

    Wow, what a gift. I believe we all have gifts and mine are definitely not as defined as yours or even in the same relm. But I believe in being sent on a path to learn and teach. I don’t believe in a predestined plan because our choices set the path we walk, but I also believe in acting as angels for one another. Lovely, frightening and enlightening post.

  2. I agree with Nancy, that we all have gifts — some of us realize what they are, some not until maybe later in life. Your gift is amazing and rare, and it seems that it runs in your family.
    I love this post — amazing, thought-provoking and definitely memorable.

  3. This post gave me a few chills. I think I might become totally housebound if I possessed these kinds of gifts! I agree that they do exist and do know someone who has such a connections to the paranormal it’s hard to believe. Amazingly she has proven time and again that it is all too real.

  4. Oh man – Ghosts!! I love the show Ghost Adventures, but I don’t think I’d love to feel a ghost whisper in my ear or blow a cold breeze down my neck. I’m not good with stuff I can’t see. Plus I don’t know if I’m sensitive to that type of energy. A lot of it is 80% psychological, you know somebody passed there, or you have this weird impression of a place and it feels spooky… then you start feeling stuff. Now it’s possible that ghosts are real, and then they’re going to bite me at the first opportunity they have! LOL

    I’m already so obsessed with zombies, and I’m scared of ppl going crazy and eating my brains I have no idea if I would even be scared of a ghost.

    Great post as always!! 🙂

  5. My daughter at age five came to my husband and me, frightened because lots of spirits were flying around the ceiling of her room. I told her that everything is created, and if she asked the God to make them leave, and the request was answered, they would go. And told her to come back and sleep with us if they didn’t leave. She was back in a minute and said, “They all flew out the window,” and trotted back to her own bed. The two older children slept in a basement room and often told me of a bear like creature that tickled them on the chin when it was time to get up in the morning. They didn’t express any fear and I never doubted them. My own encounters with the spirit world surrounded spiritual quests. A daughter now lives in a questionable section of San Francisco & walks to & from everywhere. She says she always pays attention to the feelings she gets. So many intriguing mysteries! Thanks for this post, Diana.

  6. Being sensitive to the “other world” can leave you feeling like you’re crazy for sure. I grew up always wondering if it was all in my imagination. Finally I decided to accept it as real and since then I rarely get creeped. I accept those “others” as just people w/o bodies. I guess that’s why I don’t find ghost shows scary. My DH, on the other hand, hates when I start talking about people he can’t see. Gives him goosebumps. Makes for great snuggle nights, though. ;D

  7. It was several days after my son, Jon, passed when he came to me. Not only could I see him, I could smell the scent of his skin, feel his arms around me and hear his beautiful voice. What a Blessing! The first of many visits.

    As far back as I can remember I “knew” things. All my grandparents had passed before I was born, and yet I would see them, have conversations, and could describe there homes, where they used to live. They weren’t my only visitors, most are unknown.

    There are times when I only get impressions, but can see through my minds eye, other times those who have passed show themselves.

    Why me? Why not me! I’ve been Blessed as we all have been Blessed. I’m grateful for my abilities, I’m grateful for my Faith, I’m grateful for my Angels and many Guides, especially Claire and Steven, and mostly, I’m grateful for my “sisters” and dear close friends who love me and support me.

    God Bless…

  8. What a wonderful post Diana! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have felt these things you mention and we could swap some wonderful stories. Life is so very eternal.

  9. Oh, this happens to me. I would get the oddest feelings traveling through the castles in Europe. Also, it can be very strong for me in house-hunting. There was a time when our family was looking at buying some land and most would have old farm houses on the property. Some of those houses I could not even stand to be in, they were so sad and angry. No way I could live in them.

  10. Wow – what an incredible gift but also kind of scary. I’ve had inklings of weird feelings etc but nothing quite as intense as you. I agree, some people are definitely more sensitive or tuned in than others and sounds like you are a lucky one.
    Have you ever read Catie Rhodes blog. She posts some neat posts in this realm. I read her post on some spirits taking over a houston community…wild!

  11. I wish I had read this when you first posted it. I lived in a house that had a spirit that followed me clear to Washington State from Michigan. While it creeped me out when a kid, I got used to it and accepted it presence as normal. Needless to say, once I started learning about Wicca and wards, it went away, probably because I was finally able to protect myself.

    I worked in a haunted movie theater for a year and a half. I visited haunted sites around Allegan, Michigan with various ghosthunting groups and my sister – who is also interested in this. And I have a co-worker who leads her won ghosthunting group. I have an app on my phone that acts like a ghost box to pick up words in frequencies around you of any paranormal phenomena in the area.

    I believe the building I work at is also haunted. I saw an ectoplasmic mist in the basement while taking inventory a few weeks ago.

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