Bite My Neck? I Thought You’d Never Ask…

What exactly is the allure of the vampire?   What makes this wickedly dark and mysterious being so intriguing and the object of so many fantasies?

It started with Dracula, a novel written by Bram Stoker in 1897.  Though the author did not invent the vampire, the novel was a major influence on the popularity of vampire lore.   This legendary character then came to life on the silver screen in the 1930s when the economic depression created a need for people to escape.

Through the novel and the subsequent movies, the public was introduced to a well-dressed, intelligent, sexy and mysterious gentleman who represented dominance, virility, power, and wisdom.  He was super-human and immortal.  He defied the normal cycle of life by sleeping by day, and roaming by night.   His depth of his knowledge was expansive, his patience limitless.  After all, he’d had centuries in which to learn, in which to wait.

And women craved this bad boy.

Thus, a fantasy was born.

In the Victorian age, exposed skin was a big no-no, so women wore clothes to ensure the optimal coverage of their neck, arms, and legs. More likely than not, those women, married or not, would have taken any excuse to shed those layers of propriety.  If a vampire just so happened to be in the vicinity and used his otherworldly powers to hypnotize her, to seduce her, to overpower her and bite her neck –  if she was just another victim of the vampire – she couldn’t possibly be blamed for her indiscretion, right?   After all, she didn’t set out intending to be ravished.  It was that rascal’s fault (the blame game in action).  He put a spell on her, she could say.   She’d gotten wild with a neck-biting, blood-thirsty stranger, and had her virtue compromised, but would it really count?

And what man wouldn’t want to have that kind of power over a woman?  To be dark, mysterious, sexy and alluring, to turn a woman into hot Silly Putty in his hands with just a brush of his lips across the side of her neck, with just a look into her eyes?  The ultimate bad boy.

What woman could possibly resist him?

Some 22 years ago my cousin, Alejandro, had been walking in the heart of one of the many vampire communities – Hollywood, California.   For Halloween, he decked himself out as a vampire.  He and a friend went all out, experimenting with prosthetic teeth just to vamp it up.   With Hollywood being what it was, and still is, he saw the potential to share the fantasy of the legendary vampire with others.  So, his business of making fangs for others was created – and he found there was no shortage of customers.

His ability to craft such a simple, yet empowering accessory of prosthetic teeth, has earned him the name “The Prince of Fangs.”

His clients are hard core.  They are serious about slipping out of their skin and into that of another image.  Even Hollywood comes knocking at his door when the need arises.

Humans have a duality of dark and light, and even though most would be loathe to admit, it doesn’t make it go away.

Role playing allows us to step into another character for a time, – be it a storm trooper or other character – to nurture that darker side of us.   It gives some people that edge they need – the need to be something they are not.  But society keeps it in check.  It’s a good thing, too, because it’d be a little difficult to explain this get-up to our co-workers back at the office.

So tell me – don’t hold back.  We’re all friends here.  Do you have a secret obsession?  What character would you like to become, if only for a night?

About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. I love the notion of vampires…the lore, culture, norms, rules. I would go for that. I also could see myself as Wonder Woman spinning a mean truth telling lasso. 🙂

  2. I’ve daydreamed about being a kickass cop for years. Sometimes I consider writing crime/mystery novels, but I like urban fantasy and the vampires too much. I know, I’m weird. 😛

  3. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos

    I think a vampire is the ultimate bad boy. Dangerous, sexy and could kill you anytime he wants.

  4. kathleenmulroy

    I’ve long been fascinated with vampires. There’s just something about the neck-biting and the mesmerizing eyes… to say nothing of what a fascinating conversationalist a long-lived vampire would be; think of all the history he’s seen! Great photos, by the way.

  5. I still think of “a vampire” as a nasty, murderous creature that we associate with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Let’s take a look at John Carpenter’s movie Vampire – yep, the same blood-thirsty, scary monsters. That’s exactly how the vampires should be portrayed in the movies and the literature.

    What about the new generation of those sexy, gorgeous and mysterious vampires? I think this should be a completely different species, called something diverse, like bloodires or vampines (smirk). At least there would be no confusion of what’s right and what’s not in those stories 🙂

  6. Wonder Woman, watch out!

  7. Back in the day, I had a set of those teeth – possibly made by your cousin! It was my 20’s, I lived in Hollywood, what can I say? Ahhh, memories. Good times.

    If I could be something now? Probably the MC of my novel. She’s a badass with magic powers and she can transform into a dragon. Now that would be cool.

  8. I loved vampires ever since I saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula at the tender age of 7 (yeeeeah, I should not have been hanging out with my older cousins at family parties). In the pre-Twilight years of my youth, I devoured vampire novels (Annette Curtis Klause’s ‘Silver Kiss’ is still one of my favorites) and penned my own vampire tales. I daydreamed about falling for a broody, elegant sort of vampire, and decided that if given the opportunity, I’d allow him to ‘turn’ me, lol.

    These days, I’m less into paranormal guys, and more into, er, 18th century Scottish highland warriors (I blame Karen Marie Moning’s highlander books for this). And if I could be anything… hmm. I’d rather like to be a warrior princess (though not Xena), I think. :p

  9. Oh, confession time. I while back, during the era of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I wouldn’t have minded being Geller herself. She got to kick ass, kiss Spike and hang out with Giles…..but don’t tell anyone 🙂

    Love the post Diana. xxx

  10. I would love to have an affair with a vampire, but if I could be anything for a day? I’d have to go with a witch – one with every single power of the Halliwell sisters from Charmed. 🙂

  11. I just thought of this friend after years…..I knew him in Alaska when we were young and told me about a lot, a mutual Virgo, conspiracy & making vampire teeth and all. Interesting at all the talk and wanted to see how his life was going!

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