This Body Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us

All I know is that it wasn’t him.  If Hollywood was to turn that moment into a movie, his eyes would have morphed into glowing orbs of red and his protests mutated into an ancient language long forgotten to the human race.

He wasn’t behaving like my son, or like anyone else I knew for that matter. My 12-year-old had an addiction.

My request to “Step away from the Xbox nice and easy like” brought about a change in him similar to what I would expect if I took a needle away from a junkie  – which I suppose is very close to what this was.

Apparently I’m not alone in this.  This video of a boy getting bent out of shape while playing with his Gameboy probably hits home for a lot of mothers and fathers of gamers:

Okay, a little over the top maybe, but you get my point.  According to Dr. Donald Hilty, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, Davis, studies “suggest that when you stop a high-intensity activity, you might not be the same as usual.”  Bottom line is that the high-intensity of most video games interferes with the normal flow of the body.

Since most of the studies are still in the preliminary stages, I’m going to hit this from a different angle.   Ready?

In doing research for a young adult paranormal novel I am writing, I found a plausible answer to my own question, “What the hell got into him?”

Most of us are familiar with auras, the bio-magnetic energy field that surrounds each one of us, but how many of us know that illness, emotional or physical distress, negative thought patterns, or substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, and even video games) can actually weaken and damage our auras, possibly opening us up to spiritual attachments?

A spiritual attachment is the mental or physical attachment of an entity to another person.  The most common attachments are with earthbound spirits that stick around this earthly plane for reasons that include its inability to let go after death, an addiction that is carried on after its death, or to support a loved one.

How many times have you seen someone do a complete 180 flip in personality when they’ve been drinking, PMSing, or just beat down from exhaustion, only to see the behavior disappear when balance is restored?  Sure, the whole physical/chemical reaction could be taking place, but it also makes sense to me that if a person’s aura is damaged by drinking, for example, and an entity is able to slide by the person’s defenses, basically slipping into the driver’s seat, there’s not much to stop the spirit from overshadowing the desires of the host body – at least until the host body is strong enough to take control again.

This isn’t to say that all spirit attachments are of the bad sort.  From what I understand, most are neither good nor bad.  They merely are shifting in and out of our existence trying to experience a more tangible life.

Now what really caught my attention was the part about the entities that have “an addiction that is carried on after its death.”  After seeing on more than one occasion my son displaying the typical signs of addiction withdrawal when he stopped playing Xbox – irritation and restlessness, inability to focus – coupled with that crazed look in his eyes whenever he played, I called in an expert – a woman who specialized in spiritual cleansing.

In the name of research, I gave her permission to clear my son’s spiritual space of any possible entities.  I didn’t give her a whole lot of information, just that I needed her to go snooping around and see what she could find.  What she did report finding was, indeed, an attachment – a gentleman who has died with his own addiction and was continuing that legacy through my son.  Apparently this lost soul had been hanging around my son for some time.   She told me the next day that she had the spirit detached and escorted to the other side, finally releasing him from this vibration.

And did this work?  I’d have to say yes, but I must confess that I wasn’t taking any chances.  I sold the Xbox.

So what about you?  Have you ever looked into a loved one’s eyes and just got the sense that someone else looked out at you?  Has a friend’s mannerism or personality shifted when they were at their weakest or under a lot of stress, only to return back to normal when they were balanced?  Better yet, have you ever felt a shift within you?  I know I’ve had those days when I felt so…so…not me, to the point that I couldn’t even stand to be around myself!

So, let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear what you’ve experienced.

About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. You always make me think, Diana, and I love that. I definitely agree that video game addiction is a pretty scary thing because of the negative personality changes it can engender. I don’t believe in spirit attachments but that doesn’t mean they’re not a possibility; I will readily admit to not knowing much about that realm. Anyway, whatever the cause of addiction, it’s a tough thing to combat and sometimes tough love is the best way. Good for you for selling that X-Box.

  2. I think that the rage on this little boy’s face scares me! It truly isn’t that deep, but the cultural move to bigger, faster, better has created this urge and response in all of us. I’ve read literature stating that our brains/bodies have not evolved to be able to safely adapt to all the new stimuli so it would make sense for “lizard” brain to kick in, become stressed and rage. Yes, I’ve seen some people go Mr. Hyde.

    We’ve all seen adults going off when the Internet goes down, their 3 or 4G connection slows for some reason or someone (how dare that checkout clerk) makes them stop texting, talking or otherwise playing on their iPhone and engage. Makes me think about unplugging…well after I get through the rest of my e-mails, some tweets and do some writing. Yikes.

  3. You’ve certainly given me food for thought! So often, we blame the substance for the addiction (like alcohol), but then there are behavioural addictions (like gambling), which make less sense on the surface. What if, as you say, there’s more to it? More that impacts our behaviour or gets in the way of our ability to ‘just walk away’? I can’t say I have an opinion either way (classic agnostic cop-out, huh?), but you’ve got me thinking!

  4. This is such an interesting subject…

    Regardless of the religion of your choice, whether it be Christian or Metaphysical, whether you call them demons or spirits or bad energy…they are there whether we see them or not.

    Several years ago, I remember running into a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. She slammed me with a depressing list of all of her troubles, job loss, money issues, ailments, deaths and surgeries in her family. When I finished talking to her, I felt a huge dark cloud wrap around me like a body bag. For several days, I felt a horrible anxiety and was filled with worry and fear about dying. Finally, a friend of mine, who was a devoted Christian pastor, told me that I must have “picked up an evil spirit” from my friend. She prayed over me and my symptoms instantly went away.

    I learned a valuable lesson that day and have evolved into a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting myself from negative energy that surrounds us everyday. Although I now follow a more Metaphysical belief system, I am a FIRM believer that prayer is a POWERFUL tool against realms different then our own. Whether you pray, clear chakras, cleanse energy, chant mantras, visualize, or focus on positive affirmations…it is all GOOD and protects the soul, spirit, and mind.

  5. LOL, what a brilliant post. My son has the odd ‘fit’ while trying to kill Darth Vader on the Wii version of Lego Star Wars… Nothing like that video, though. Never considered having an ‘entity’ involved though. I just put it down to him being a git! 😀

  6. Wow! Diana. I’ve just met you, but what an interesting post to read? My youngest is 13 and he lives in our video game room. I will be reading this post to my wife and keeping a closer eye upon him. Thanks.


  7. What an absolutely fascinating idea. Creepy and plausible, makes you think. And the video, the first thing that I thought was The Exorcist. The kid does a pretty good Linda Blair impression.

    My muse is dancing in delight. You just gave her a whole new idea to play with. I’ll let you know.

    Thanks for a very interesting blog!

  8. My father passed away 2 years ago.i have always been an angry person,but more so after.I chalked it up to grief.well..yesterday I went to my “medium”and she informed me that at the funeral home,when we were planning his funeral,I had the spirit of a young car crash victim attach to me,cause he thought I was pretty but he had a evil energy attached to him,therefore they were both attached to me and was almost all the way in!!!idk what to think but it freaked me out.she “removed” it but…what the heck??really scary.she said I was so destroyed by my fathers death I was wide open to the spirit attachment .

    • Lila, a lot of times these attachments happen without our knowledge. Your medium was correct. Vibrations attract like vibrations and while in the funeral home, your anger may have been what attracted the original energy in the first place, while your grief may well have ripped your aura just enough to allow an opening for the “angry” soul to enter. It’s important to be able to protect ourselves, because there are those souls with less than honorable intentions that surround us. Both my son and my ex-husband had attachments, and both were cleared, so I completely understand. If you have any other questions, you can contact me at

      Thank you, Lila, for sharing your story!

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