Bathe Your Brain In This

It’s all around us.  It comes in many different forms – sounds of varying pitches and tones, rhythm and volume.  It can be hidden in the rain falling upon a rooftop or water as it tumbles over rocks and fallen logs.  It can explode from the surface of a drum, or trickle out from the strings of a guitar.  It can irritate and it can soothe.

Many of us, when listening to music, start to bob our heads, move our hips, or tap our feet without thought.  Our bodies naturally respond to music on an involuntary level, because like everything in this world, it is energy.  Vibrations seek out like vibrations.  That’s why when we are vibrating at a lower level (sadness, depression, or pessimism) we gravitate to slower-paced, melancholy-type music.  Higher vibrations (excitement, joy, optimism) demand music that upbeat, fast, and strong.

Different types of music alert different types of brain waves, making them react differently, which in turn makes us react differently.  Our brain naturally picks up on the frequency, tempo, and volume of the music we listen to and uses it to reduce muscle tension, improve coordination, regulate stress-related hormones, and change our perception of our world.

All of us gravitate to a certain type of sound, and for me, on a Friday, after a week of being jacked up on caffeine, doing the day job thing, driving the kids around to places they need to be, and writing, I could definitely use some soothing vibes to level me out.  My favorite is Roni Benise, Spanish guitarist extraordinaire.  I love watching his videos, because the passion in his music is compounded by the way he plays and by the way he becomes one with the guitar.  (The fact that I think he’s gorgeous doesn’t hurt either!)  His music always puts me in a better frame of mind.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to music.  Only that it is perfect for us.

So what type of music does it for you?  Are you an individual who fast-paced music actually calms you down or classical music rubs you the wrong way?  Or does it have the opposite effect?  What music do you have cued up for your Friday?  I’d love to hear your comments!

About Diana Murdock

California-grown, writer of contemporary and YA paranormal with enough energy to write, raise two boys, run, and dream.

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  1. I enjoy the silence and soft sounds that the early morning brings; birds chirping, my doggie snoring, the fan blowing, and the sound of the shower running as my husband gets ready for work. It is a great way to wake up! Once I get to work, I pop on to Pandora and listen to Jason Mraz, Adele, Brett Dennen, and Paolo Nutini, which offers soft sound with a little upbeat vibe. But my favorite music to listen to (regardless of the time of day or day of the week) is the melancholy sound of the rain falling during a storm.

    Thanks for the article Diana…I always enjoy reading your blog! And yes, Benise IS indeed gorgeous and lovely to watch, er…I mean lovely to listen to! 😉

  2. Oh, thank you for introducing me to an new (gorgeous!) musician! I’m all relaxed and happy now. Must stay awake!!

    I love classical music, but I listen to 80’s music a lot, esp. when writing. But it’s rare for me to meet a piece of music I don’t like. Music definitely inspires me. 🙂

  3. Astounding performer—thank you for sharing Roni’s music. I wasn’t familiar with it and now I am adding him to the list of my favorite guitarists.
    And what a beautiful post, Diana. I completely immersed myself in your words and this fantastic music in the background.

  4. I used to always have music going. I’d put on rock when going on a cleaning spree, or Celtic when I was studying. I like Christian music and Irish bands, but I can’t pin down what really does it for me. There’s just something about a song that will resonate. Either it will make me feel deeply pained, or make me feel like I could have wings. There has to be the right combination of lyrics, tune, and voice to hit me like that and bring everything I’m feeling to the surface where I can fully experience it. Thus, I have many “life songs.” 🙂 Great post!

  5. I’m sort of indiscriminate when it comes to music – anything goes. I got in the habit of listening to whatever presets were left on the radio in my rental car each week (I travel a lot) and discovered a lot of new music I would otherwise have missed. I have my favorites (classical, folk, traditional) but I like pretty much everything.

  6. Great blog on music! As for me, all kinds of music impact me in different ways depending on my mood, the time of day, my energy level, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, etc. Bluegrass (I love Steve Martin and the Rangers’ music; they have a new CD out called “Rare Bird Alert” with some GREAT music); classical; “world”; reggae; Springsteen; The Beatles; The Stones; Mumford & Sons; Florence & the Machine; even Lady Gaga…. all can rock my world.

  7. Wow. Just… wow. Thanks for the video!

    My MP3 player has everything from AC/DC to chants by the Benedictine monks. Classical, blues, ragtime, barbershop quartets, rock, country, reggae, you name it, I’ve got it, and I choose as the mood strikes. Now I have to go and get some Roni Benise, too. 🙂

    I listen to blues and classic rock most frequently, but I turn on the heavy metal when I’m kickboxing. I listen to classical music when I’m relaxing or doing yoga and I have time to really appreciate it – it doesn’t work well for me as background music. And when I’m driving, I set it on shuffle and listen to the whole mess in whatever order it pops up.

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